Such a BIG heart tucked behind two little pockets

I have lived with Georgia in Room 220, the Psyche Ward, since 2005.  She and I had so much in common with our birthdays in April – only six days apart – so much “fire” in one room.  In a room filled with nothing but girls, one second we were celebrating our birthdays together with a “room birthday party” filled with treats, cards, music, singing, and dancing and the next second our relationship was feisty wanting to beat each other up.  We always made certain we celebrated our birthdays together each year.  She’d steal my make-up, deny it, and then wear my colors tomorrow.  She’d get into one of her moods and keep the room up all night long with her shenanigans just because she could.  While she’s sleeping the daytime away, we had to work our jobs absolutely exhausted because we got no sleep.  But it was all ok.  Georgia knew how much I loved her and would protect her against anyone.  I am even unable to count all of the times she said, “Cynthia, baby, you know I love you.”  And I always replied, “Yes I do, Georgia.  And I love you too!”  You just couldn’t help but love her!!!
Georgia was always on the bus visiting her family.  On one particular day, I happened to hop on the same bus.  We sat together and talked about her visit, her day, and just her remembering.  Her sense of humor about life and day-to-day occurrences would brighten any one’s day because she always kept people laughing:  her sense of humor was absolutely contagious.
What I remember most about Georgia is how generous and big her heart was.  She was always observing the girls in the room, what they needed, what they did not have, finding it, and then placing it on their bunk.  Someone who had so little shared so much.  If someone asked her for something like a cigarette, a lighter, Kleenex, lipstick, or to borrow money, she always found it…..right in her bra – left or right cup.  I call it her “bra pockets.”  We all tried talking her into carrying a purse, but she never bought into the idea.  And having the contagious personality that she had, Georgia converted sssssooooo many girls into storing items in their “bra pockets” as well including myself.  Recently I was asked, “Why don’t you get a purse?”  I replied, “I travel light.  It’s convenient.  And my Mom taught me.”
Georgia, you are loved by so many.  Be at peace and watch over and protect us all.  You will be sadly missed along with ALL of your shenanigans.
I love you very much!