Medical Emergency at Homeless Voice Shelter

This homeless man’s oxygen was at 73 percent when we got to him.  This was very critical.  It was important for us to get his oxygen up as much as possible before EMS arrived.  We finally got his Oxygen up to 95 percent.  Our in house medics are our homeless people who took a first responder course to be able to use oxygen, AED’s and other lifesaving medical equipment.  We have saved many people with our yearly training.  We also do in house training.  So far we are about 4 of 7 saves with AED’s and on overdoses we have saved about 20 people over the years by having the proper training.  When most people think the homeless are worthless bums look at these homeless people save a man’s life.  Way to go Homeless.  You think this is great you should see them respond to major accidents on the highway in front of the shelter.  The community does not like having a homeless shelter in the area but when one of them gets in a car accident it does make them think different.