About The Homeless Voice

Originally made by a team tasked to raise money from the streets for the shelter, the Homeless Voice was born from the knowledge that freedom of press was a way to raise awareness. We started as a flyer, then a 4-page newsprint, then finally becoming the voice of the homeless with the Homeless Voice newspaper and website in 1999.

The Homeless Voice Newspaper has three functions.

  1. Educate the public on homelessness and poverty issues
  2. Provide temporary employment to those without a job
  3. Raise additional funds for the Florida based shelter



Publisher: Sean Cononie
Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Fraieli
Executive Editor: Mark Targett


Where to Find Us

The Homeless Voice distributes in Florida on street corners of Broward, Dade, Hillsborough, Orange, Polk, and Palm Beach Counties in all major cities including Tallahassee, Lake City — where our Veterans Inn and Motel 8 is located, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and now Gainesville.

In the newspaper and this website we hope to present the problems that the homeless population faces day-to-day, the problems these people personally face, and the ways that laws can help and hinder them.

The COSAC Foundation

The Homeless Voice is owned by the COSAC Foundation, a multi-faceted non-profit agency that feeds, shelters, and arranges access to social and medical services to every homeless person that enters its shelters. We aim to enable them to return to a self-reliant lifestyle, but for the small percentage of people incapable, we provide a caring and supportive environment for long-term residency.