Vendor Honesty

We Take Our Vendors Seriously

We take our responsibility as financial stewards very seriously. Accordingly, we have established measures to increase our awareness of our vendor conduct as they collect donations for the Homeless Voice newspaper. You can rest assured that we are applying a series of measure to ensure your donations get to the intended party, the COSAC Foundation to help the homeless.

Vendor Requirements

Each dispatched newspaper vendor is to wear a COSAC Identification Card and attach it to their shirt or vest. If any of our vendors display any of the below behavior, we ask you to please call us at (954) 924-3571, and request to speak with our Operations Department:

Unacceptable Vendor Behavior

  • Dishonesty
  • Rudeness
  • Unsafe Conduct
  • Harassment

Preventative Measures

We have other measures as well to promote honest conduct, some of which are:
  • A “crime watch” system that allows a vendor to report dishonest activity for a reward.
  • Undercover shoppers, or “honesty testers,” who drop marked money in the buckets.
  • We search an individual suspected of dishonest behavior.
We are proud to report that our theft rate is low. We also think the rate is low because as we provide help and access to services to our homeless patrons, we earn their respect. We thank you for buying the Homeless Voice newspaper. And please continue to help us as we help reduce homelessness in South Florida.