The Homeless Voice Workers Save Little Puppy Hit By Car

Over the weekend our Director Sean Cononie, and two senior staff members, Billy Robb and Ronald Gauthier were going to the shelters warehouse to get supplies and noticed a small little puppy on the side of the street that was struck by a car. They did not think the doggie was going to make it so they took it to the animal hospital to be put a sleep. The Vet thought that there was a chance that little doggie Jane Doe would make it. And it did. Sean agreed to pay the fees for the hospital. The fees have now totaled almost $1500.00. Sean Cononie, said even though it was not his dog, he thought that maybe the owner would not claim the dog if they could not afford a large bill so this is why he paid the bill.
Below is a pic of little doggie Jane Doe. Stay tuned for more news as the networks prepare their own story where we are trying to locate the owner or find a person who would like to adopt this Miracle Doggie. We will be sending out the video news later today.