Doggie Back With Owners

Little Jane Doe that you saw last week who was hit by a car and rushed to the animal hospital by Homeless Voice’s Homeless Shelters workers is home with her owners. A short visit to the Animal Hospital and a few days rest was all that was needed for little Jane Doe to fully recover. At first with her eye hanging out and her back and neck trauma it was believed to be a trip to the hospital not to get better but to be put to sleep so she would not suffer. Miracle Doggie was reunited with her owners after they saw the video news segment on “Channel 7”.
According to Sean Cononie, the first responder who treated the dog, like a human for shock; it was like an episode of the TV drama show “ER”. Cononie said he got the ideal to treat her for shock from other news cast in the past when he saw fireman give oxygen to injured pets from home fires. He added well if they treat a dog like that for smoke we should treat this dog for shock like a human as well. When he pulled up to the back entrance of the Animal Hospital, he saw a nurse and screamed “We got a dog that was hit by a car and she is bad” “The nurse came running out and before you knew it several animal hospital personnel was walking very fast around her and one having stethoscope to the injured dogs chest,” Cononie stated. According to Billy Robb, another shelter worker, it was like their version of a “Code Blue”.
Channel 7 did a nice story asking if anyone knew “Jane Doe” and the family who had three small children saw the story and contacted Cononie, the very next day. At first only Mom came to the shelter in case the doggie’s injuries were too bad for her small children to see. When mom got there and saw the little cute doggie tears came from her eyes. She thanked all the Homeless who helped raise money to pay the bills.
Doggie then went home to be with her children. This was a great day…
Sean would like to thank all the people who support the Homeless Voice, without you all buying our paper this family would not have their little puppy for their kids. The medical bills reached over $3000 dollars and the Hollywood Animal Hospital gave a discount and when Sean found out the puppy did not have to be put to sleep he agreed to have the bills paid for by the shelter. He thought she deserved to live and not be put to sleep after this great miracle took place. The bills ended up costing only $1500 dollars. Not bad since that $1500 made three little kids happy when that little Jane Doe got home.
Sean Anthony Cononie