Rainy Day Help For The Homeless

Dear Supporters,

As you may know I have been out of work as the Director because I was injured in a Fire and an electrical incident where it caused a smoke incident. I got hurt carrying some of our people to safety that was affected by the smoke. I carried some down three flights of stairs so they would not die of smoke.

From this I needed five surgeries. I have been out of work since and it has hurt our budget tremendously. We were barely making it but now the rain has put us in an emergency phase. We are hurting financially and I must stress this is a REAL EMERGENCY and we need your help.

We are asking our supporters to assist in helping us raise emergency funds. We are asking you all to dig deep in your couches, your chairs, your ashtrays and yes your piggy banks. Add that money up and send it. It is a matter of EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE. We are about $45,000 in debt for this month alone.

Please go to your churches and your friends and duplicate this request. If all our supporters who buy the paper send $15.00, we will make it. We are the only shelter that takes the ones who are not allowed to go to county shelters because of their disabilities and mental issues.

P.O. Box 292-577
Davie, Florida 33329