Remembering Johnny McCormick: EP9

You were just found a few minutes ago on the bus bench. I was raising money for a shelter that hadn’t completely formed yet. We didn’t know it, but our lives would be changed forever.
I think the best years of our lives started that day of the bus bench. Like a few stray strands forming a rope, we were definitely part of something bigger. COSAC was just starting out and we were just finding our purpose. Once you were with us we knew what we were supposed to be.
We became the largest grass roots shelter in the state. We became the second largest street newspaper in the country. We became a sober house. We became a place to eat and a place to find work. We became a community orientated homeless shelter. A homeless shelter that would not turn anyone away.
Johnny was loved for who he was and not for what he did. He did not have to be anyone else. He was just himself and that was good enough. The love he experienced was true.
How can anyone love us if we are not ourselves?
Johnny, you were waiting your whole life to meet us on the bus bench that day. And we were waiting for you. We were always a family, we just hadn’t met yet.