On Spirituality… Trust (part 2)

In the last edition I wrote about the spirituality of trust. That it was easier to trust in God than in each other, but that both were necessary to achieve true joy. I said that there were times in almost all of our lives where we had trusted another and been let down or betrayed, and that it was extremely difficult to get over that and trust again. I received a good amount of questioning as to how we might achieve this forgiving and trusting again without just being fools with our emotions. My humble response is this; life lived to the full is not possible without risk. We have to know that human beings are frail and subject to failure. Men and women make promises they have every intention of keeping and then we don’t. I think there is comfort in that knowledge.
The joy of loving is worth the pain of loss. What we have to get better at is sharing both with our Lord. When we join our success in our human relationships to our relationship with God, we can’t lose. Our relationship with God is or can be rock steady, because God never disappoints and never changes. What happens in our life when we walk with the Lord is experienced by us and by God with us. We soar with the Lord and suffer with the Lord, life still has its ups and downs, but we are never alone and never without hope. Faith, hope and love, Saint Paul mentions these as the most important virtues and the greatest of these is love, I pray today that all who read this will trust in the Lord and from that trust will be courageous enough to love.