On Spirituality… What is it?

Spirituality, one definition states spirituality is the idea of connecting with something bigger.
Many regular folks and scholars alike believe that human beings are spiritual as well as physical and emotional.
We were created by someone or something bigger than ourselves.
Our ability to think, to contemplate mysteries and to love encourages us to consider all sorts of possibilities.
For people of religion most of those big questions are answered with God. God is a part of human history and the record of that involvement is the Holy Bible.
Jesus in the New Testament and God and the prophets in the Old Testament.
For Christians, we have Jesus as the God man who came to Earth to teach us about God the Father and Holy Spirit.
Fortunately we have a guide. Not only a guide but the answers to all of life’s questions, or at least a written account of how to behave in nearly every situation.
Living this kind of spiritual life is easy for most of us when connected to a church.
Being connected to something bigger than ourselves. Prayer is the key to that connection, the way we hear Gods will for us is through prayer. Peace is the fruit of prayer. To all peace and good health. Deacon Bob