On Spirituality… Thanksgiving

Living by the ocean has its good points and bad. Last week we got a close look at the bad, as hurricane Sandy pounded the Eastern Seaboard. Many times when destructive storms hit where so much is lost in life and property, people will wonder if the end times are here or if it may be punishment for how we have been living. I personally don’t believe either one of those reasons, although there does seem to be an increase in storms and in their fury and destructive power. Whatever the reason, be it climate change, God’s wrath, natural cycles of weather, what’s important is our response. If we can imagine the Earth as one big home housing one very big family, then when any part of that family suffers we can respond with charity and love. I want to thank all of the readers of this little paper because of your continued support of the homeless. Your love and caring renews my faith in the goodness of the human family, which in turn increases my faith in our Creator. Thank you and have a blessed and happy
Your brother in peace, Deacon Bob