CNN Brutal Attacks

Lucas Wiser was 21 years old, homeless and living on the streets of Corpus Christi, Texas when a group of young men attacked him in the middle of the night.

What's Being Done?

It’s a life and death struggle for the homeless. Finally lawmakers are paying attention. Lawmakers propose a new law to protect the homeless. Sean Cononie feels that deterrence can work in some cases.

Annual Stats

Total Number of Deaths: 20 Total Number of Rapes: 5 Total Number Attacks including Setting on Fire: 6 Total Number Attacks including Beatings: 106 Total Number of Incidents involving Police Brutality: 2 Total Number of Threats/Intimidations: 3 Total Number of Lethal Attacks: 20 Total Number of Non-Lethal Attacks: 122 Total Number of Violent Acts in 2006: 142