Hollywood City Officials say – Cut off the Homeless

Hollywood singles out the homeless

Hanging in a window at a gas station on Sheridan Street features the mug shots of seven men, along with their names and birth dates, for all to see.
“This is a notice from the Hollywood Police Department that the following individuals are known habitual drunkards,” it reads. “Do not sell them alcoholic beverages,” it continues, threatening store owners with arrest under an archaic Florida law should they disobey the directive.
Reporters ask the Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner if what they are doing is against the law? The answer is, Yes. Hollywood does not mention the fact that this law requires a family member contact establishments, not local governments.
“It’s a total attack on the homeless there,” said Attorney John David.
David said the notices are “labeling somebody as a drunkard, which is just totally slanderous.” He said all of the men who appear on multiple “drunkard” notices are currently homeless, and many list their addresses in court records at the Jubilee Center for the Homeless in Hollywood.