Going Pink

For years we have used bright yellow shirts and vests for safety, however things need to change. It seems that there are individuals out there that are not homeless but are scammers who went to the store and bought the same color vests and shirts and are at the corners collecting donations that have nothing to do with us. Some of them even got a hold of our yellow shirts by stealing them when our current vendor was taking a break at the corner and then going to their own corner trying to collect donations. We have never prosecuted them but for now our loss prevention department is going out full force and looking for them with a police detail officer from each county.
To combat the problem we are “Going Pink.” Our vendors will be wearing PINK shirts. If you see a yellow or orange shirt out there and they say they are the Homeless Voice you can call our office at 954-92-HELP-1 or 954-924-3571. Feel free to call the police as well. Our vendors have Identifications that expire every so often so feel free to ask them for their ID and look at the expiration date. When in doubt simply call us. Or perhaps you prefer to send in your donations via check. If this does not work we will be taking their pictures and printing them in our own paper to stop them from misleading you all who give from the heart. If it is someone who is homeless we will ask them to come back to the shelter instead of calling the police.
We are going PINK and feel free to take a Wink at their Id!