Cold Weather Report – local 10 news

In South Florida there are many homeless people living on the streets with chronic health problems. Some may be recovering from the flu, have breathing difficulties do to COPD, and other immune system problems. This current cold-weather that we have can cause a homeless person to die.
Tonight Sean Cononie and his team of outreach workers hit the streets looking for homeless individuals who were still on the streets. Their ambulance stocked with blankets, sweatshirts, sweat pants, heater meals, and hot coffee were passed out to the homeless who did not want to seek shelter. Those homeless who wanted to come indoors were taken to local shelters including the Homeless Voice’s shelter in Hollywood.
The Hollywood Police Department led the way for the outreach vehicles. This way they could have different vehicles covering the city. Also having the police there helps to convince some of them to seek shelter.
We at the Homeless Voice thank you very much for your donations which makes this outreach possible. Without you many would be left in the streets.