Veterans Inn

The suicide rate among veterans has increased 35% since 2001. Nearly 50,000 veterans are homeless and another 1.4 million are at risk of being homeless.
These heroic men and women risk their lives and sacrifice personal comfort and relationships to serve their country. When they return, they are often plagued by PTSD and lack of support from family and friends, and have little or no framework for re-entering civilian life.
Our solution to this epidemic? Veterans Inn.
Located in Lake City, Florida — only two hours south of Jacksonville — Veterans Inn fights daily against the adverse circumstances that plague our heroes. Veterans receive housing, food, employment assistance, and the support and resources they need to recover, rehabilitate and reintegrate themselves into civilian life.
Lake City is richly steeped in American culture, hosting everything from Civil War reenactments to blueberry festivals. It’s a booming city with a small-town feel, offering both rejuvenating outdoor excursions and chic shopping and dining options. This variety makes it a desirable location for tourists, offering something for everyone. Lake City has been incorporated for over 150 years and continues to grow — but so does the number of homeless veterans.
Formerly a low-budget motel, Veterans Inn has been renovated to include updated accommodations and act as a central resource center for the homeless veterans in the community. Our goal is to support and equip veterans with the tools they need to move forward after life in the service.
Despite our progress, the work is far from finished. We want to wipe out these statistics and save our veterans, who have given so much to save us. From volunteering time to donating needed funds, the opportunities to help are vast. Our veterans need our help — your help. Donate now to find out how you can help save a life.