*On Spirituality…Giving Thanks

The art of giving thanks may be the most distinguished way to tell we humans are different from all the other animals.
Consider what our lives might be like if we never said thank you.
One of the easiest and perhaps best prayers we can pray is thank you. I believe our sense of gratitude is one of the best examples of us being created in the likeness and image of God. It is God that inspires us to give thanks to those people that help us along the way. It is God that makes it feel good when people thank us for giving of ourselves. Giving thanks is a holy and healthy thing to do. As the people of God, in all of our religious services we give thanks and praise to our God.
The American celebration of Thanksgiving gives us all a day to consider how blessed we are, how good our God is, regardless of our current status. It also provides a time for us to examine our own giving. In the words of Saint Francis, “it is in giving that we receive”.
Happy Thanksgiving to all, peace and love Deacon Bob