On Spirituality… the Wheat

On Spirituality, Why is there evil in the world? There seems to be as much violence in the world as there ever was. That may not be accurate however considering the world wars, and some incredibly horrible civil wars, but without a doubt our world is a violent place and the perplexing thing to me is that most people want peace. So the question is, why is there so much evil and violence when the vast majority of us don’t like it and don’t want it. Is all of this hatred and discord the result of a few, small percentage of us? Philosophers and theologians have pondered these questions for centuries. I would defer to them in many instances but for last Sundays gospel. I think Jesus sheds much light on the origins of evil in the world when He talks in parables about the weeds and the wheat. When the disciples ask Jesus to explain the parable, He tells them that the weeds are evil and that they are planted by the devil, or the enemy, Mathew 13:24-43;
The servants of the master want to pull up the weeds, but the master tells them no, you might pull up the wheat as well. At the end when it is harvest time we will pull the weeds first and tie them in bundles and throw them in the fire and then we will gather the wheat into my barn. I believe the message for you and I here is one of hope. While we should always be instruments of peace, we must remember that it is God Almighty that will ultimately rid the world of hatred and violence. God knows the world needs help, and God will help in Gods’ time and in Gods’ own way.
So you and I can have the peace that Jesus promises and know that we are wheat, the beloved children of God the good shepherd who will gather us not into His barn but into His arms. Peace be with you as you spread your peace to those around you.
Deacon Bob