South Florida Teens Attacking The Homeless

More teens attack homeless people in South Florida than any other area in the USA.

They even had the nerve to post their attack on You Tube. Kids if you are watching this, it is not funny some of these homeless people teens are killing served our country. Even if they did not serve they are people who need our help, do the right thing and put your hand out to help them, don’t put it out to hit them and kill them. Most teens are caught by the police and many are serving a life sentence. If you know of teens hurting the homeless, call the police and give them the information and you do not have to give the police your name.

Parents, there are many great kids who you would never expect to do this type of behavior. Yes it may even be your child in the future. Kids do stupid things and in some cases they never intended to hurt a person. Please let them know that it may start off like they are just having fun but ends with a deadly attack on the homeless. We all need to do our part… just talking to our kids and explaining to them what is happening may prevent them or someone they know from hurting someone and hurting their own family once prosecuted.