Sean Cononie's Homeless Outreach – Cold Weather Report

Homeless advocates with the Homeless Voice Newspaper in Broward spent hours visiting the homeless Thursday night offering them blankets, jackets, coffee or a warm place to stay.
“Are you cold” a reporter asked Orth
“Yes. Feel my hands,” she said.
Seconds later a Homeless Voice volunteer handed her a pair of gloves.
“God bless,” Orth said.
A few minutes later, Orth decided to go to the shelter for the night.
“I don’t like being cold,” she said.
The above are excerpts from a chat between a reporter and a homeless woman in Broward County.
The chilliest weather of the season arrived in South Florida with low temperatures hitting mid 40’s near the coast and 30’s expected inland.
Last Thursday night the homeless advocates from the Homeless Voice Newspaper spent hours visiting the homeless and offering them blankets, jackets, coffee or a warm place to stay.
The group found two people at a small park near the coastline in Hollywood. According to Linda Orth, she has actually been surviving on and off the streets in South Florida for over 15 years and was prepared to stay on the streets to brave the chillier temperature levels.
The team from Homeless Voice, an agency that runs the #1 emergency homeless shelter in Broward is searching the streets of South Florida to make sure some of the most vulnerable in our community are staying warm.
They plan to stay out long as they are needed to offer warmth to the homeless or send them to the homeless shelter which is funded by The Homeless Voice.
“It should be like 43 tomorrow morning, I believe, which is in the danger zone for somebody especially if they’ve been drinking or passed out without a blanket over them,” said Homeless Voice Founder Sean Cononie. An electrician, Randy Anthony who has been out of work said he was grateful for the assistance from the Homeless Voice. “They are good people, thank God for them”. Said Anthony
The Broward County has declared a cold weather emergency effective till Saturday morning as it is possible to record temperatures a 32 or even lower overnight.