The Problem- 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Daily

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) plagues the majority of our soldiers and often leads to substance abuse and attempted suicide. A staggering 22 veterans commit suicide daily. This also contributes to the fact that 1 out of every 4 homeless men are Veterans.

Our Solution- Veterans Inn
Just 2 hours south of Jacksonville, lies Lake City. The City of Lake City hosts annual visitors from across the country for events ranging from Civil War re-enactments to Blueberry Festivals. Visitors also routinely flock to the area’s beautiful spring fed rivers and lakes. This city is renowned for its place in American history with over 150 years of incorporation. It is a rapidly growing city and offers many dining and shopping opportunities, along with public transportation to access them.
It is here that we have established our latest project, Veteran’s Inn.
What used to be a low budget motel has been worked on, updated and opened up to accommodate the large population of homeless Veterans in the community. Here we will offer rooms, meals, job placement assistance, and other helpful tools to our residents.
How YOU Can Help-
Our goal with this new endeavor is to try and aide these individuals in recovery and rehabilitation. With your support we can help our Veterans and change these statistics. Visit to make a donation, volunteer, and see the progress being made in your community.