President Obama And A Cold Weather: Alert!

On January 20, 2009 the day President Elect Obama got inaugurated and became President Obama the Homeless Voice’s Homeless Emergency Management Team hit the streets and inaugurated the homeless in to a life of warmth who were on the streets doing this extreme cold weather. They were given blankets, sweat shirts, hot coffee and slight medical services. According to Cononie “We had to get to those bridges where the hard core homeless live and who are not aware that extreme coldness is coming.” Cononie looked at the ambulance that was converted to a medical outreach make shift ambulance that also doubles as a disaster assistance vehicle filled with blankets and supplies and said ” I really thank our supporters who have given us funds to purchase this vehicle and medical equipment, without this we would be at a loss. If we would get grants we would be ten years away from an outreach vehicle like this. With the donations we receive we can move swiftly and tackle all kind of emergencies issues, such as extreme cold weather without all the red tape.”
Cononie also added “We will be on the streets at night the next few days and continue to do this outreach as long as it is cold. Our people are sick on the streets with the flu and other unrelated heath problems and should not be exposed to extreme cold weather.”
Written by
Brian L. Heller
and Ronald L. Gauthier