Police Shoot Homeless Man In Downtown Miami

The Victim Is Only Being Identified As A Homeless Man
Shooting Happened At NE 1st Avenue and 7th Street
MIAMI (CBS4) ? A man who allegedly lunged at police in a Downtown Miami street was shot dead Tuesday evening.
According to police, an off-duty officer was working a detail at Camillus House, where a male at the facility was harassing a woman. The officer escorted the man from the premises, but following the incident, he was called outside to take care of another disturbance allegedly caused by the same man. He was allegedly holding up a broken bottle and was acting irrationally.
Officials say the officer called for back-up to arrive instead of taking action. Three additional officers arrived and at that time they tried to bring the man under control.
Police claim the man told them, “you’re not taking me alive”;
Despite discharging their Taser guns and striking the man twice, he allegedly continued to lunge toward them, forcing one of the officers to fire at him.
He was shot and killed on scene.
Some pedestrians on scene didn’t understand how three officers weren’t able to handle this man without shooting at him, but police spokesman Delrish Moss says these situations aren’t simple.
“You know what, several years ago when I came on the Miami Police Department for the first time, there was a situation where a guy was about 21 feet away from two officers,” said Moss. “They fired several shots, hitting him, and he managed to travel that 21 feet and still stab both of those officers in the stomach. So it seems like it’s cut and dry, but the situation at that time and the circumstances dictate the outcome.”
A number of witnesses were present during the entire incident and are currently being interviewed by police.
Police have not released the man’s identity but do say he was homeless.