Place A Bid On Homeless Artwork

Hi, Today makes the first day we started to sell our Homeless Friends Art on Ebay. Today we are featuring Paulette and her first painting. Her first was a “PAINT BY NUMBERS”. Some people say that “PAINT BY NUMBERS” is not real art. Well, let me explain it this way…. I am an abstract artist and some of my work is, well nice…. if I don’t say so, myself. Of course some of my work will leave you with the feeling of “What the heck is it?” I could not do a “PAINT BY NUMBERS” if I tried. Actually I did try and I could not stay in the lines and I did not even finish it because there was no way to make it work out nice, basically it was horrible.
Research has shown when you can keep a mind active on someone who hears voices; you are helping that person help control their voices. Basically the more times you keep their brain active the less time the voices have to play with their heads. Her painting has lowered the volume on those unfriendly voices.
So go to the links below and make your bid and help put a smile on her face
Click here to see the promotional Card and the Story on Paulette’s First Painting
Click here to see the short Video with Paulette’s First Painting
Click here to place your bid (expires Feb 26, 2009)
Sean Anthony Cononie