People Ignore Man Dying On Street

A homeless man who died after being attacked Friday lay unconscious for nearly 20 minutes on a busy Washington, D.C., street before anyone called for help, local TV station WJLA reported.
Surveillance video shows Jose Sanchez, 31, being attacked by one man and then another outside a grocery store. After the second attack, the video shows Sanchez hitting his head on a nearby car and falling to the ground, lying still as passersby and grocery store customers go about their business.
After 19 minutes, a grocery store employee called 911, WJLA reported. The ambulance arrived 2 minutes later.
Umberto Escobar, the man police have accused of committing the second part of the attack, told detectives he struck Sanchez because he had called him a homosexual, court documents said. Escobar and the man suspected in the first part of the attack, Maximillo Argueta, face criminal charges.