On Spirituality…Trust

Jesus I trust in you. So many of us make this short phrase part of our daily prayer. Jesus I trust in you. The more we say it the more we believe it. The more we repeat that prayer the more it changes our life. Trust is at the heart and soul of every good relationship. It is the basis for deepening our involvement with another. We can say “Jesus I trust in you” more easily than we can say that to another human being because as believers we know that God knows all things, therefore God knows all things about us. When someone knows everything about us, we need to trust that they will be discreet and kind with that information. Many of us have been burned in our lives with trusting another and the pain of that is not something we easily forget, making trusting again very difficult. I think what is crucial is that we find a way to trust again. Life cannot be lived to the fullest if we are holding back. Our joy and happiness is not dependent on another but is enhanced by others in our lives. The richness of our lives are our connections with our God and others. Family and friends are our wealth. They are worth investing huge sums of time and energy, because the return is great and cannot be duplicated by any other thing in the universe. Be careful my dear friends with what you do with a secret someone shares with you. Be careful. Love is sharing our lives with another, trusting them. Be careful not to break that trust. Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I trust in you. Deacon Bob