On Spirituality…The Unknown

It is times like these that we really need faith. Times when the future is unknown and seems as if it could spin in many different directions, most of them landing at some frightening conclusion.
I could be talking about the state of the world in these troubled times, or I could be talking about a personal spinning out of control, and the fears that accompany that., but I’m talking about The Homeless Voice. The shelter started by Sean Cononie and Mark Targett. We are moving quite a distance away and because of that we lose much of our staff, and some of our guests. Their presence will be missed and we wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Beginnings can be exciting, fun.When we offer our work to God, it becomes Gods’ work. The work at the shelter is
living the gospel, it is the work of Jesus and when we do that we are never alone and never wrong. We need faith in these times of change, and we have faith because the work we do is holy. Pray with me my brothers and sisters that our move is a success and that we may be able to continue to carry out Gods’ will. Peace and blessings to you, Deacon Bob