On Spirituality…Suffering

Last month’s article dealt with the amazing and wonderful aspects of Corpus Christi. One of the ways that God has manifest Gods self here on Earth. There are of course many ways that people come to know our God. One of these ways is through suffering. Suffering is challenging, suffering is mysterious, suffering raises questions without answers. Universally none of us want to suffer, yet we all will. Most of us already have, and know we will again.
A month ago the Homeless Voice lost one of its most beautiful partners in Lois Cross. Lois courageously battled cancer for a year or so with the most dignity that I have ever witnessed. I know that she rests at peace with our Lord today because her love for Him was so great. Lois was such an inspiration to so many, really everyone she came in contact with. Lois suffered and those who loved her suffered with her. It may be worse to watch someone you really love suffer than to suffer yourself.
The question this poses to me spiritually is” can we benefit from suffering”? Is it just a part of life and has no value, or does suffering have a great value. Something that forces us to search for meaning, a meaning of life and death that we would otherwise miss.
My dear friends, my prayer today is for all those folks that knew and loved Lois, and that they can find peace in their grief, and that their grief can lead to belief, a belief in a higher power that loves us unconditionally, and seeks to be in communion with us. God bless us all, Deacon Bob