New Details Revealed

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — New details have emerged from the witness stand in the homeless beating trial going on now in Fort Lauderdale.
Two former friends of Thomas Daugherty and Brian Hooks testified Wednesday about the attacks in January of 2006.
Joey Griffith, 19, said he was with the accused teens that night they plotted the attacks. They were smoking marijuana and drinking vodka, but Griffith said he did not participate in the attacks.
Another teen, Kaitlyn Brown, said she called Daugherty the morning of the attacks to ask why he missed their ride to school together.
Brown testified that, “I was talking to him about not going to school and stuff like that. And then he told me that he was in trouble. And I asked “for what?” He told me that they were pinning him for murder, that someone was dead, and for beating down a bum.”
Daugherty and Hooks both face life in prison if convicted.