Mayor Buddy Dyer And The Homeless

After reading your story in the Miami Herald about Orlando arresting people for feeding the homeless. I have found a solution.

Dear Mayor Buddy Dyer,

My name is Sean Cononie, I am an advocate for the poor and Homeless. I run 14 agencies in the world, most located in Florida. I had to fight a city to run a homeless shelter, they sued me, went to court and we won. I understand what the city is doing and I agree with having control; this is why I want to know if we can do it this way. I would like to drive in to town a restaurant-on-wheels. I will instruct the restaurant to work specific areas where there is more Homeless. We would offer coupons to the poor and they could eat for one penny. This way there would be no social services being offered.

I am quite sure it would work. I have priced out catering trucks. Is there a limit on how big it can be? We can be setup in about 14 days. I am ready to start today. Please have your legal department contact me so we can discuss permits. I am sending this to the local reporters so they can look in to the issue as well. I am very serious about offering you this great service!

In fact, I had found this great picture of you that we could put on the side of the truck. The slogan can be, "The Mayor is not Mean, See I am feeding the Homeless ". This for sure would let the public know that you are not mean, abusive, and that you do not hate the homeless. As your own comments that you have made show that you do want them to eat, you just want it to be in a controlled way and I agree with you.

The project will cost $17,500 and the artwork can be done by my newspaper the Homeless Voice, A division of COSAC Media. The project that would be paying the bills is The Peoples United Nations, Inc out of Florida. I am the CEO of both groups and we have voted in favor of this project. I hope to be able to purchase three trucks to cover the most needed areas. We can even put the other commissioner’s pictures on them as well like Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

I do not know why your city arrested those poor advocates but maybe they can get the charges dropped to community service hours so they could work in your new truck. Thanks for looking after the poor and wanting them to eat in a controlled way. As a team we can feed these poor people. Imagine the PR you will get if you ride along and feed the poor, you will get national press. This way it can be done 365 days a year with no permits other than what is required by state law for transporting food. And also maybe a business license we can get as well. As you know we do not need to get your permission to post your face on the vehicle because you are a public figure.

Humor is one way to deal with this,
Sean Cononie
I can be reached at 954-924-3571 x1964