Join The 'One Million A Month Fund'

The Homeless Voices works internationally as well helping Aids Orphans and proving medical missions staffed by volunteer doctors. The Director Sean Cononie feels that the homeless themselves have to give back to a community that may be worse off than them.
Cononie, stated, “When you are homeless and poor in America and you can reach out helping someone else who is worse off, it helps to rebuild your own life giving the homeless person goals and a responsibility to help mankind.”
Each and every day one of our homeless individuals does something to help a little kid who may be very sick or hungry
It is estimated that 30,000 mothers and fathers will lose a child to starvation today. This is an astonishing and heartbreaking number when taking into consideration that for pennies, a child’s life can be saved.
Planting Peace, the Homeless Voice and actor Rainn Wilson (The Office) are inviting you to be a part of a simple grass roots solution… the ‘One Million A Month Fund’.
We are in need of 130 people to commit to donating $100 dollars a month to help us reach our goal of de-worming one million children of the parasitic worms that destroy up to 20% of a child’s nutritional intake a day. As well as depleting a child’s nutritional intake, these parasitic worms have the ability to absorb vitamin A and leave thousands of children blind each year.
Your pledge of $100 a month can impact the lives of 7,693 children. If Planting Peace and the Homeless Voice can get 130 people to donate $100 month, at the cost of 1.3 cents a treatment, we can reach ONE MILLION children monthly!
De-worming children is the most cost effective and best solution to making sure children don?t die from starvation. A World Health Organization study conducted in Nepal also showed that de-worming pregnant women led to a 44% decrease in child deaths.
In the words of mother Teresa, “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person”.
Not only do I ask for you to join the ‘One Million A Month Fund’, but I also ask of you to please encourage your neighbors, civic groups, churches and friends to become involved as well.
In the last several months, Planting Peace has ordered millions of de-worming treatments for Sudan, Cameroon, Dominican Republic and Kenya. I thank you for all of your support and generous donations to have made this possible.
You can contact Aaron Jackson by calling 954-394-4989 or donate directly to the Homeless Voice through the Planting Peace secure website by clicking here:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.
May peace be your step,
Aaron Jackson, Planting Peace