A Homeless Voice Movie?

By Tonya Alanez, Sun Sentinel

Sean Cononie, his homeless shelter and the legions he serves are the subjects of an 84-minute by a Hollywood-based videographer.

Sebastian Cardenas, the videographer, submitted the documentary late last month to the, among others.

Long hunting for a reality TV concept, Cardenas’ notion for the documentary — entitled “My Friend Johnny” — came to him when he bought a copy of The Homeless Voice newspaper.

“We went in there with cameras to see what we were going to find and we just found a lot of interesting stories about how people ended up where they are,” said Cardenas, who operates Terminal Blue Multimedia out of his Polk Street home.

“It’s not a happy place,” he continued. “It’s a little dark, it’s a little smelly, it’s loud. But, the more that we worked there, the more I got used to it, and I really wanted to tell these people’s stories.”

The end result, named for Johnny McCormick, a now-deceased chronically homeless man who was among Cononie’s first clients, was shot over a six-month span.

McCormick’s death at age 58 last September serves as the documentary’s conclusion.

No one balked at telling their story on camera, Cononie said. In fact, most embraced it.

“When we caught some of them at their worst moments, they were able to explain their worst moments,” Cononie said. “I think it was kind of therapeutic.”

For more information visit: myfriendjohnnymovie.com