Homeless Man Attacked At South City Bus Stop

A homeless man was attacked at bus stop in south St. Louis late Sunday. The victim, who later died, may have had suffered a heart attack during the struggle on a busy corner at Grand and Gravois.
“Ah that hurt. He killed that dude.”
That�s how Gregory Bean reacted after he ran to help a homeless man just moments after a stranger attacked him.
Bean said, “I checked his pulse from his wrist to his neck.”
The victim was perhaps in his sixties and believed to be homeless had been sitting by himself at the Metro stop.
Bean added, “He hit that guy two times, man, knocked him upside his head and hit him in the stomach.”
While he was being beaten Police believe the victim may have suffered a heart attack. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.
Bean described the attacker as a black man perhaps in his forties. He says that just minutes before the attack, the suspect had tried to pick a fight with him but backed off when made it clear he’d fight back.
Bean said, “I said man if you grab me again, we’re both going to run out here in the middle of the dam street and we’re both going to die out here.”
On Monday at the bus stop, news on the homeless man�s death had spread. A woman who was waiting there told FOX 2 that it�s scary sometimes and that you just have to watch yourself.