Hollywood Residents Wants Center Moved

Hollywood Residents Want Homeless Center Moved Residents Say Families Are Moving Out Of The Area HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) ?
Hollywood residents in the Royal Poinciana neighborhood say the folks that come to the Jubilee Center cause problems in their neighborhood. Jubilee serves about 85 people a day, and with the economy the way it is those services are more in demand than ever. CBS4’s Carey Codd spoke to residents who say the people coming to the neighborhood sleep in the alleyways, use the grass as a toilet, and make the neighborhood undesirable. “You’ll see like the prostitutes, you’ll see drugs and see them leaning up against the fence drinking, “said a concerned resident who did not want to be identified. “You’ll see them break the fence so they can sleep more comfortably so the cops won’t bother them.”
Residents agree the Jubilee Center serves a good purpose but residents say the area has at least 7 social service agencies. A petition was signed by the 700 residents who ask the city of Hollywood for help because they believe these agencies are killing the community. “For one neighborhood to absorb the entire city’s social responsibility is not fair,” said resident Norm Berube. “It’s not safe and it’s not right.”
Ron Rose is on the board of directors for Jubilee Center. He says they have made changes, like adding security, and asking each person they serve to show ID. “We work very hard to work for the homeless and the poor,” explained Rose. Rose understands the resident’s complaints and says Jubilee will work with them, but he says they are not moving. “We’re here legally and we’re doing a public service,” said Rose. “For us to move would be tragic.”
Residents are not giving up their fight and are getting signatures on their petition. They want Jubilee to move to a site near the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood Airport– away from any residential areas. The city of Hollywood is working closely with Jubilee Center to make sure the agency is doing all it can to minimize problems. The Jubilee Center agreed to conduct a neighborhood cleanup every month. They also established an entrance for the homeless in the back of the building to cut down on traffic along Scott Street. The Center is also exploring the idea of a pick-up and drop-off program to cut down on walk-in clients.
But Royal Poinciana residents say the Jubilee Center and the other social service agencies nearby flood their community with people who cause problems. Residents say children don’t trick or treat at Halloween or even ride their bikes in the neighborhood. They say families are moving out of the area.