Haiti Flight: Organized by the Homeless Voice (cbs4)

A plane chartered by Davie-based Homeless Voice of South Florida left MIA this afternoon, volunteers Sean Cononie, Mark Targett, and Lois Cross bringing ready-to-eat military meals and 30,000 doses of antibiotics.
Though the Florida flights are not the first to bring supplies to a devastated Haiti, they are among the first large, private stores able to arrive.
Haiti’s major seaport was severely damaged, rendering it difficult if not impossible to unload supplies from ships. The airport, which is also being used as a makeshift hospital, experienced overcrowding and confusion as efforts to get in and get out began without authority. Complicating matters was the fact that only a single runway survived the quake intact.
The U.S. Air Force has since taken control of the airport, and the military and other aid organizations are scrambling to distribute aid safely and effectively. Its proximity to Hispaniola has positioned South Florida as an ideal launching point for supplies and volunteers.