The Gift I Got Back

So there’s this homeless man that lives behind the Walgreens I go to. Sometimes he sits on the bench in front of it and asks for money. I can usually smell the alcohol coming from him so rather than money, I typically will buy him something to eat and a Gatorade and drop it on the bench by him. Yesterday, he was only on the bench on my way out so I didn’t have food for him when he asked for money. When I looked in his eyes, I actually felt compelled to give him the money and asked him if he would do 2 things in return for it. I asked him to promise me he would not buy anything with my money that wasn’t good for him…and to buy something warm and nutritious to eat because he was soaked. I also asked him if I could say a prayer with him. I asked God to protect him, make sure he always had somewhere safe to be, food, water and people in his life to make him feel loved. I was crying by the end of my prayer and was a little embarrassed at my uncontrolled emotions that over took me…Then, the most unexpected thing happened…He asked if he could pray for me…his prayer was so heartfelt and beautiful and he asked God to take care of me and all of the people that love me and that I love too. He asked God for my protection. I can’t begin to tell you how this has stayed with me since this happened yesterday. His name is Jeff and if anyone is inclined, please say a prayer for him. I know he has been homeless for a long time…I have no idea what his story is…but everyone gets down on their luck at some point and sometimes it spirals on people… All I know is I could see a beautiful soul and maybe all of our prayers can bring him a healthy life…one filled with love and comfort and a home. ❤