Dear Georgia Mae,

I am sorry that the system killed you and allowed you to die the way you did. There was no excuse for the system to do what they did to you. I am sorry that Memorial Hospital wanted you to be prosecuted when your sugar was so high that even a saint would have went crazy and hit anyone that tried to restrain you when you did not want to be touched. I am sorry you were found wandering in the hospital when the hospital discharged you with high sugar and you were still confused and then they readmitted you and then when they readmitted you your sugar was so high that you were out of control. I am sorry Memorial treated you like a criminal instead of a person who was in medical crisis. I am sorry when I pleaded with Memorial to drop the charges they insisted there was a sign on the wall in the Emergency Room that people would be prosecuted who were acting poorly. I understand their workers need to be protected and I respect that but not for a person with high sugar that causes a person to act crazy. I am sorry when I had meningitis and my brain was infected I hit three doctors at the Mayo clinic and hurt one real bad and they treated me with respect because they knew my brain was infected and to this day those same doctors call me sir and Memorial called you a criminal.

I am so sorry the state attorney picked up the charges and I am so sorry that Archways Mental Health was a joke when it came to your case. I have never seen an agency work like this in 17 years of working 18 hours a day. For them to forget about you, to lie on you , to doctor paper work and to make you think you were going to college at 58 years of age and having major medical issues when your death was near. I am sorry that I do not recall one time that any person from Archways ever gave you a professional to do sign language for you. I am sorry that when you were evaluated by the courts I did not see one person speak your language, that is sign language. I am so, so sorry for this as well. I am sorry Archways mental health did not follow up on any of your issues like they promised you but instead faked it. I am sorry they never provided proof to me that the staff that was handling your needs was licensed by the state. I asked them over and over in an email to provide me with a copy of their state license to deliver mental health services to you.
Even when I was the legal person to make decisions for you they never proved to me that the people working your case were licensed and even to this day I don’t know if they had any knowledge in what they were doing for you. I just can’t see a licensed person doing what they did. I am sorry that Memorial Hospital released you back to me with, well, raw, red, abrasions- bed sores on your painful bottom from the hospital. I am so sorry they hurt so bad. I am sorry that when I pleaded with your insurance carrier not to allow hospitalist to see you anymore and that only one doctor should see you only because every time you were in the hospital another doctor would come around and change all your meds. I am sorry for the fact that when the doctors talked to you they thought you heard them. Yes Ms. Georgia Mae some of the doctors had no idea you could not hear them.
I am sorry when I went to do a welfare check on you that the nursing home had no sheets, no blankets on your bed and I am sorry they had to put a matt on the floor so when you fell out of bed you did not break too many bones but you still got hurt. I am so sorry I did not file a law suit against all these providers who wronged you because of your high level of care I am sorry that The ALF’s thought you were too much to handle and because you called 911 too many times. I am very happy there were a few people at Memorial Hospital who did care about you. I am so sorry that all this happened to you but I am not sorry that I knew you and loved you. I am not sorry that you came in to my life in fact I am very happy you came to us because you were truly a good person who deserved much better than you got here on earth. However, I know for sure you are with God.
Sweetie we loved you and we honor your name and will never forget you. Sweeties know that I am not done with your case. I am looking into it all to see how this continued to happen again and again.
Love, Sean