The COSAC Foundation was originally established in May 1997 to partner with other social service agencies, in the area, that provided help to the homeless population. COSAC also independently feeds the homeless or anyone in need of food.
As we saw a new issue arise, we answered with a new program to tackle it.
Today we house, feed and find employment for anyone who is homeless. The COSAC Foundation has four main programs it focuses on: Homeless Outreach, Veteran’s Inn, Homeless Voice, and the Food Bank.
Our Homeless Outreach program takes place monthly, or on an as needed basis. For example, during the colder months our outreach team is very active seeking homeless who need shelter, medical attention, and warmth. On a regular basis however, our team consists of volunteers, staff, and some trained medical professionals. Armed with food, blankets, toiletries, OTC medications, etc. they spend the better part of a day and night ministering to those in need. Many people they encounter choose to stay on the streets for various reasons, making the Outreach Program always essential to the community.
Veteran’s Inn is a former motel located in Lake City. It is now home to homeless Veterans providing them the services they need. There are 22 rooms to combat the 22 suicides that occur daily amongst homeless veterans. Here they have a safe haven. Through the generosity of the local Home Depot, Veteran’s Inn just underwent some remodeling. For the full story and pictures, turn to page 6.
The Homeless Voice, the paper that brought you this article, is a publication that is distributed by homeless or formerly homeless individuals. Staff members create the paper by using articles that inform the public of the plight, progression and regressions of the homeless community. The vendors then distribute the Homeless Voice throughout the area and receive donations. This provides them with some income and a sense of purpose. Often this is the first stepping stone towards more independency.
Lastly, our Food Bank. Over 149 households are served daily through our food bank. The donations provided are so crucial to feed the homeless and nearly homeless in our community. Almost 3 ½ million Florida residents are food-insecure.