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Homeless In Japan

Just outside Tokyo unemployed and homeless Japanese move into cubicles in an internet cafe, paying about $500 a month for the privilege, including, I suppose, all the internet you can use. Sometimes referred to as “Net Cafe Refugees,” these people are typically day laborers or part time workers who are unable to find steady work.

Women At Shelter Get Makeovers

Makeup artists who keep beautiful people looking beautiful offered their services Wednesday at The Bridge, and they made a difference that was more than skin deep. “I feel like a million bucks,” Peggy Richards said after her free makeover at the downtown Dallas homeless shelter. “I feel like I went on TV and came back.”

Rainn Wilson De-Worming Project

Rainn Wilson points at a gigantic pink worm walking in his direction. Yes, Dwight Schrute from television’s The Office. And yes, a sevenfoot-tall, star-shaped parasite, with arms and legs, is walking toward the small stage where Wilson stands.